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Why physical therapy should be your first choice for neck pain

Some of the most common causes of neck pain include sleeping on your neck wrong, sitting or standing for prolonged periods with bad posture—especially from leaning over too much, performing repetitive movements, and carrying a heavy backpack, purse, or
November 24, 2020

Neck pain relief is within your reach

As we mentioned in our first newsletter, about 10—20% of Americans are affected by neck pain at any given time. If
you happen to be part of this population and are dealing with neck pain right now, you may be wondering what
you can do to alleviate it.
November 17, 2020

To reduce your risk for neck pain, be mindful of your positioning

Although you may not pay it all that much attention, the neck has a pretty crucial job to perform. It provides support for the head and allows movement in a variety of directions so you can better see and navigate the world around you. But as we discussed
November 10, 2020

Neck pain can strike for different reasons at any stage of life

Most of us can recall one or more occasions when the day got off to a rough start because of a stiff neck. This can be explained by the fact that neck pain ranks among the most common types of pain you can get. Statistics vary on just how many people enco
November 3, 2020

Physical therapy month offers an opportunity to share its history

October is National Physical Therapy Month, which is an annual opportunity for physical therapists nationwide to
campaign and speak out about their profession. The goal of the campaign is to increase public awareness of the
important role that physical
October 27, 2020

Physical therapy is an integral part of recovery for orthopedic care

All month long, we’ve been honoring National Physical Therapy Month by educating our readers about how physical
therapy works and the many ways it can benefit you. In the third newsletter of this series, we offer a brief
overview of the crucial role t
October 22, 2020

Physical therapy is a safer and more effective option than opioids

October is National Physical Therapy Month, which gives physical therapists nationwide an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the countless benefits their profession can provide. In the first recognition this month, we'd like to discuss and explain why
October 20, 2020

Physical therapists are movement experts who will help overcome pain

National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated every October, with its focus on educating the public about how
physical therapy can change patients lives for the better. To work towards this goal, we’d like to share our insight
on why physical therapy
October 13, 2020

Routine X-rays of the spine do not improve outcomes for patients.

As we discussed in our second newsletter this month, diagnostic tests like X-rays should only be performed when a red flag is detected, meaning that the healthcare professional notices signs of a potentially serious underlying condition during the initial
September 29, 2020

The downsides of overusing diagnostic tests

As we explained in our last newsletter, diagnostic imaging tests can be a vital tool that helps doctors more clearly understand what’s happening in the body in order to reach or confirm a diagnosis. But simply because these tests are helpful does not me
September 8, 2020

What is diagnostic imaging testing and when is it needed?

When dealing with pain issues of any sort, doctors have a number of tools at their disposal to help determine the cause and what needs to be done to address it. A thorough physical examination that involves a variety of objective and subjective assessment
September 1, 2020

The best way to recover from a sports injury is with physical therapy

As we explained in our first newsletter this month, sports injuries are unfortunate but also a common occurrence for athletes. A range of factors can contribute to an athlete’s risk for injury, including their participation in a higher level of activity
August 27, 2020

Healthy, well-balanced meals should be a priority after working out

Most serious athletes are aware that healthy nutritional habits should be a part of any complete exercise plan. Training well must be balanced by eating well, or the athlete could be missing out on the maximum physical and mental benefits t
August 18, 2020

Best methods for improving sport performance and preventing injuries.

On all levels of sports, consistent and varied efforts are made to reduce the incidence of injuries. Warm-ups and group stretching routines are commonplace on most sports teams, while some organizations taking it a step further by implementing targeted in
August 11, 2020

Sports periodization can help you peak and avoid overuse injuries

As unfortunate as it is true, injuries and sports go hand in hand. An average of 8.6 million injuries in sports and recreational activities occur each year, which equates to about 34 injuries for every 1,000 individuals that participate. While some minor
August 4, 2020

Physical therapy provides the best option for most hip pain problems

After hip pain develops, movement can become a taxing affair. Standing up from a chair, getting into a car, and walking even short distances may be met with intense strain and discomfort. As a result, some individuals will become less active so as to avoi
July 30, 2020

The three most effective exercises to reduce your risk for hip pain

As we saw in our last newsletter, there are a number of issues that can develop in the hip that can go on to cause pain and dysfunction. These problems can strike at any age, but are more likely to develop later in life and in females, as the highest inci
July 21, 2020

Hip pain can arise from sudden trauma, overuse, or age-related changes

The hip is a resilient joint that is capable of handling lots of activity and repeated movements, and it can sustain a significant amount of wear and tear. This durability exists because of its complex and multifaceted anatomy that we described in our las
July 14, 2020

The crucial role the powerful hip joint plays in most body movements

The hip is one of the most versatile and important joints in the body. It’s extremely powerful due to its robust architecture, which also provides it with impressive stability. But the hip joint is also incredibly flexible, allowing for a massive range
July 7, 2020

For persistent back pain, physical therapy is your best choice

Most cases of low back pain are short-lived—or acute—and only last for a few weeks before gradually subsiding. Getting regular physical activity and performing targeted strengthening exercises will further facilitate the healing process, and many pati
June 25, 2020