Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy


5 Stars!
“All of my sessions were great. My back definitely improved more than when I was just going to the chiropractor alone.”
- K. Yang

5 Stars!
“Dr. Peter has been a lifesaver. Before I knew her I was living with pain in my back, neck, and arm every single day. I’ve learned a lot about my body and how to focus on areas to stay healthy and pain-free. The staff (all) have been so welcoming and flexible even with my crazy schedule the still accommodated me. Thanks!”
- M. Vang

5 Stars!
“Anna has been very patient with me in helping me restrengthen my mobility. All the staff here were very professional. I would highly recommend Results to my friends and family.”
- N. Yang

5 Stars!
"First off I would like to thank Dr. Portor and his staff for all they do! Could not have done it without all the hard work and support from you all. Thank you!"
- L. Yang

5 Stars!
"The staff here had a genuine concern for my health and wellness which was most noticeable for me. I was not overburdened with my exercise instruction sheets for home. The one on one care with my therapist was the best experience I have ever had."
- G. Lewandoski

5 Stars!
"I have experienced many different types of therapy and consider this one of the best. The have a unique exercise program, especially the charismatic approach used. This is precluded by massage therapy which relaxes the muscles and makes the body more receptive to exercise."

I had a total knee replacement in November 2014, and was assigned to Anna Porter for my physical therapy. Boy, did I luck out! However, I was stubborn. "She's too young," I thought. "She doesn't have the long experience of my regular physical therapist." After one session with Anna, I transferred my care to my usual PT person.

This decision set back my knee recovery, but not because my regular therapist wasn't good; she was. However, it soon turned out that my recovery was slowed by a lot of scar tissue development. Anna had training and experience with doing a new type of therapy that is used to break up scar tissue in recovering legs. Who knew such a thing existed? Anna did, for one, and so did my regular PT, who recommended that I return to Anna's care.

Once I started working with Anna to break up the scar tissue, I began to make better progress. It wasn't easy, and there were days I cried, but Anna was always encouraging and skillful in her work. My prejudice against working with someone who looked too young and sweet to know how to wrangle my old knee back into working condition was soon overcome by the reality that her angelic, smiling face hid a powerhouse of knowledge and strength. With Anna's quiet strength and skillful knowledge about how to manipulate and exercise someone going through a total knee replacement recovery, my healing soon began to progress again.

"You can trust your new knee," she told me early in our work together. Odd as it sounds, that was a revelation. And it was comforting to know. I began to trust the titanium hardware installed inside me that was supposed to give me a new lease on life by allowing me to walk without pain. With Anna's skillful care, my strength increased, my pain decreased, and that lease looked like it might be the real deal after all.

She taught me how to walk properly, heel to toe, to keep my leg tendon in good shape. She helped me build up the strength in my recovering leg. She taught me how to do a proper squat, which helped me learn how to sit on a low chair, or toilet seat, without having to clutch madly for something to hold onto. Developing my thigh strength under Anna's guidance gave me the confidence to learn how to go up and down stairs once more. She helped me learn to move independently, without having to rely on the walker, or the cane, after a couple months of regular physical therapy. I worked hard; Anna's kind and patient care made that work effective.

I will always be grateful to my regular physical therapist for recommending that I move my care to Anna, and to Anna herself for helping me achieve a level of mobility that I had thought I would never see again. I walk upright these days, no limping. No cane. No pain. I climb stairs one after the other, like I used to, instead of two feet on the same step all the way up or down. I can sit down on a toilet seat without wincing. Seven months after my surgery, I danced at a wedding. Danced! Ten months after my surgery, I was able to go on a trip to London and Paris with my husband and walk those long museum halls all afternoon without pain.

I couldn't have done any of this without Anna's kind and patient assistance. Don't get me wrong – that angelic, smiling face hides incredible strength and knowledge! I didn't know my knee could endure such wrangling! - but I am forever grateful for her skillful care. I'm totally enjoying my new lease on a pain-free, non-limping life, and I couldn't have achieved this without Anna.